Your Favorite Cocktail Might Just Be Responsible for that Pesky Skin Condition

In America alone over 14 million people are living with rosacea, the irritating disorder that causes massive acne-breakouts, swelling and facial redness. Unfortunately, this skin disorder has no cure. But we do know that certain factors increase the likelihood of developing the disease. Some of these factors include stress, pepper foods, sunlight and alcohol. Many never knew that alcohol could flare-up this condition. Fortunately and thanks to a team of researchers from Brown University, the 7th oldest university in the United States we now know better.

In a recently published report, a study centered on over 82,737 women and their lifestyle practices since 1989. The study paid particular attention to the type of alcohol these women were consuming and how often they drank it. They linked this information to how many of these women were diagnosed with rosacea. Their findings were staggering, revealing that those who drank alcohol stood a greater chance of developing rosacea than those who did not.

Two types of alcohol namely liquor and white wine were responsible for the women who developed the skin condition. The white wine drinkers consumed 1-3 glasses every month and this upped their chances of developing rosacea by 14%. Those who drank 5 or more glasses upped their risks by 49%. Those who went with liquor stretched their risk between 8-28% depending on their intake. Beer and red wine were not found to seriously increase the risk of being diagnosed with roascea.

New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe agrees that drinking alcohol is not good for the skin.  According to her, “drinking alcohol dries up the skin, which makes it tired-looking because of the wrinkles, fine lines and pores that develop. Alcohol forces water out of the body by acting as a diuretic. It also stops the body from reabsorbing the water as it is about to leave the body by sabotaging the production of the hormone vasopressin.”

Bowe also explain that Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant responsible for curbing free radicals, cell turnovers and giving the skin its radiance. The New York based dermatologist cautions that heavy alcohol intake also reduces Vitamin A levels in the body.

If you have to drink, pick red wine over a cocktail and refrain from mixing drinks because of the large amounts of salt and sugar you end up generating. Drink red wine especially the wines that contain resveratrol, a dominant antioxidant that contains age reversal benefits.

Consider also drinking a glass of water in between the alcohol. If you have to indulge in some alcohol try not to take it overboard and drink water before you sleep and have a glass first thing in the morning. It helps to keep you from being dehydrated and looking like what the cat brought in.

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