The Dark Side of Having Facials

The whole rationale behind getting a facial is that it leaves you with healthy and glowing skin. Despite the benefits facials offer, it could just leave your skin worse off when you leave it in the care of someone incompetent. But do not let that put you off. However, be aware that if the so-called skin expert breaches any of these things, your skin would not like it.

Too Short Too Close

Steamers soften skin and improve blood circulation. When the skin is soft it makes it much easier for oxygen and nutritive ingredients to nourish the skin. Never think that the closer you hold the steamer to your face, the more effective it will be. Your facialist should not be harboring the same thoughts either.

Celebrity aesthetician, Susan Ciminelli points out that a steamer should always be 10 inches from the skin so that it does not scathe it. According to her, “steam helps soften the skin making the process of extraction relatively comfortable. If the face is not steamed long enough, the facialist might want to hold the steamer closer to the face and this can cause inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Broken Skin? Skip Facials

 Broken skin is when your skin dries up quickly and breaks open frequently. You do not want to have a facial at this point. You should not also be using ointments, creams or lotions too. They might retain moisture in your skin, but can also flag off a slew of irritations as well. You should be using a moisturizer. Test it out first on an elbow and watch out for a reaction, itching or a rash. Whatever product you settle for, use it after getting out of the shower. It is imperative that you keep moisture in your skin to encourage the growth of new cells.

Susan Ciminelli recounts the day that supermodel, Cindy Crawford was sent to her after she suffered a breakout of stubborn acne that would not go away. “I took one look at her and knew which organs needed to be cleansed and so I gave her lymphatic purging massages and followed it up with seaweed body wraps and the acne went away.”

Dirty Dirty Dirty

When you sit down with the facialist or technician keep your eyes peeled on the tools that will be used on you.  Are they clean? Have they being sterilized after use? The best way to sterilize tools is autoclaving. Autoclaving is a chemical sterilization where the tools are left in a solution for at least 10 minutes. If the tools are not clean, don’t bother with the towels or sinks. They would probably be a parade ground for bacteria and all their other buddies. Even the soaking bowls need to be sterilized because they collect germs from clients with unclean hands.

Ciminelli supports this view, adding that all tools should be left in a cleaning liquid solution or bleach to ensure there is no bacteria spread. She cautions against the use of fragrant detergents or fabric softeners for towels, warning that they could cause spark a reaction against skin types.

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