Kim Kardashian Has Made a Weird Skin Care Treatment Very Popular

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Hate her or love her, reality TV siren, Kim Kardashian West is always one to watch when it comes to skin care. One of her recent reveals is a weird facial treatment known as the Vampire Facelift.


This $1,500 gruesome treatment is patented by Alabama doctor, Charles Runels and revolves around drawing blood from a patient with a needle and isolating the platelets into platelet enriched plasma via a centrifuge. The procedure promises to reward its donors with taut and young skin.


The plasma is combined with Juvederm or Restylane and injected into the face to inspire the production of collagen. In addition, it helps to erase acne scars and remove wrinkles. The 45-minute procedure was documented by Kim on an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami when she paid a visit to the Miami Institute for Age Management. The mother-of-two hollered in pain as a device with nine minute needles pricked her skin to draw blood.


Cosmetic surgeon, Amiya Prasad confesses that it is not one of the gentlest treatments around. But admits it is all worth worth it because it improves skin quality remarkably. According to him, results become noticeable in a few days and remain evident for as long as six months.


Nurse Jamie, Kardashian-West’s skin-care expert, adds that the process allows blood flow to the tissues and encourages the lymphatic system to curb inflammation. This resultant effect smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines. Jamie also proffered enthralling ways skin texture could be improved. She pointed out that the way people slept on pillows could subtly be responsible for wrinkles. She said “side-sleeping on a cotton pillow causes you to crush your delicate skin and can also lead to those necklace lines…ideally we should all be sleeping on our backs.”


The go-to professional for the stars also mentioned that anyone wanting to preserve their skin needed to invest in lasers. Jamie insists it is a non-negotiable technique for keeping skin look good because we stop making collagen at 25 years old and the skin is incapable of exercising to make it looking youthful. According to Nurse Jamie, “lasers resurface the skin and make scars, fine lines and wrinkles appear less apparent.”

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