Protein Shakes Might Actually Be Causing Your Skin Problems

Protein shakes form a precious part of our work-out lives. They are important because they provide our bodies with the extra protein required for muscle-building. However, dermatologists have warned that this seemingly harmless drink is really damaging the skin.

Joel Shlessinger who owns a practice in Omaha points out that he has seen “patients who are using protein mixtures end up with severe acne.” According to him, “this is likely due to substances that behave as hormonal boosters. These boosters stimulating muscle mass actually end up revving sebum production. These supplements help in muscle growth, but also lead to massive acne breakouts.”

Shlessinger adds that there is little clinical research confirming that protein drinks lead to acne breakouts, but concludes that preliminary test results lay the blame squarely in front of Whey.

Whey protein is one of the dominant proteins in cow milk. Whey protein powder is a neon-yellowish liquid by-product obtained from cheese making. New Jersey dermatologist, Rebecca Baxt cautions that because Whey is a processed powder, it contains chemicals and preservatives which are unsuitable to remain in the body.

Whey protein powder denatures proteins and formulates complex proteins and sugars which the body finds difficult to pass out. Moreover, eating gluten damages the lining of the gut and provides a free passage for food particles to wriggle their way through. These alien particles make their way into the blood stream and cause plenty of problems including swellings, redness and of course acne.

Experts believe that whey causes acne because it contains a hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). This hormone is meant to be ingested by baby cows to make them grow while feeding on their mother’s milk. We already have this hormone in our bodies after being breast-fed by our mothers. The human body regulates IGF-1 that it produces.

However, when we make and drink over 50 grams of protein, we screw up our hormonal balance and throw everything else into disarray. According to some dermatologists, one of the end results of this hormonal overload is acne. The reason being that IGF-1 allows skin cells multiply faster than dead cells and be extension clog the pores.

If you have to eat protein, eat the natural ones. This includes fish, turkey, chicken, beans or tofu. There are so many natural based protein foods. You have no need to be indulging in a can of cheese remnants mixed with water.

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